A mentor program helps to provide experienced players to play with newer players in order to encourage them and to help make them comfortable playing duplicate games, and to help give the newer player potential tips and pointers for bidding and play. The first Unit sponsored mentor program began in 2015. You can get information on the Current Mentor Program here.

A coaching program introduces a newer pair to a more experienced coach who helps to review hands (usually in a session where all have played). The coach answers questions points out potential alternate bidding and play strategies with the goal of improving the game for the newer pair. A Unit sponsored coaching program was introduced in 2017, and re-attempted in 2019. Old coaching programs had various levels of success, and while the Unit does not currently sponsor a program, newer players are encouraged to ask questions, or to join the post-mortems frequently held after club games at area restaurants or bars.

The pages listed below contain dated information. They are linked here to provide references to interested Unit members.

Old Mentor Programs

Old Coaching Programs