Online Directory Information

How is this information obtained?

When you register with the ACBL, they request contact information from you.  On at least an annual basis, the Denver Unit is automatically sent a roster of active and recently inactive members.  Additionally, a current version of the roster may be requested by board members periodically to be used to update this information.

What if my information is wrong?

The first step is to check that the information you've provided to the ACBL is correct and current.  You can update your information at MyACBL.  This directory will use first the home phone number, then the cell phone number if the home phone is not listed.  Ensure that your email address is current and correct.

The unit maintains a small "exceptions" list to allow for alternate display of individual information.  If you don't like the way your information is displayed, contact the webmaster or a board member.

I can't Login.

The directory requires a login (an ACBL number and an email address).  This is done to reduce the liklihood of robots (internet programs that run automatically) gathering information and spamming you.

If you are a member of the Denver Unit, and cannot login to the directory, make sure that the email address on MyACBL is valid, correct, and is the one you use when logging in.

The ACBL also provides for privacy options.  You may have blocked the Unit from receiving email and/or phone information.  You can check your privacy options.  To be listed in the directory by default, the Share button next to your email must be selected.

I'm not in the Denver Unit.

Snowbirds and ACBL members from other Units may access the directory by request.  You must provide assurance that ACBL rules regarding privacy will be respected, then give the webmaster your name, ACBL number, email address, and phone number.  You will be listed in the directory as a "guest".

Non-ACBL members may not access the directory.

I don't want my information displayed here.

Contact us, we'll remove your listing ASAP.

I'm having trouble viewing the directory in my browser.

To access the directory from a PC, use Edge, Firefox or Chrome. Internet Explorer is not compatible. To access the directory from a smartphone, use Safari or Chrome. The Samsung app is not compatible.