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Mentor and Coaching Programs Reboot

Look in the Education tab for information on the Unit's Mentoring Program.  Watch for information on the Coaching Program.

New Bridge Basics and Beyond Classes

Mike Holmes is offering two new courses both starting January 17.

Basic Bridge II Competitive Bidding and Defense in the 21st Century

Click here for the flier.

Denver Regional Pro/Am Signup

Sign-up is now available for players with 5-299 masterpoints.

OLD Table Talk Message

By now, you should have received Table Talk in the mail. This issue is the first of the new policy: the mailed Table Talk is an abbreviated version that is considerably less expensive to print and post. The full version of Table Talk is here on the website, available for downloading and printing at your convenience.

And did you know that past issues of Table Talk are always available here:

Home>Membership>Table Talk

Denver Spring Sectional

Our Denver Spring Sectional Duplicate Bridge Tournament is scheduled to start March 8, 2012, at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds . Come on by and play with us. All bridge players are welcome. Winners get their picture posted in the slide show on the home page.

299er Tournament Winners

The winners of the Susan Dittmer 299er Trophy at the October 13-14, 2012 tournament are:

Christine Markman of Denver, Colorado and Nancy Markman of Nathrop Colorado


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