Tasks listed in order perceived of importance:

  1. Update Mentor Program
  2. Janitscke Award on facebook
  3. garth on facebook
  4. mail from DenverBridge.org
  5. disable denverbridge.com
  6. reservation system for November
  7. initial regional draft on website
  8. new card background for Regional
  9. Review non-page, non-data from old site to - News, Links, Forms, etc. to see if there's additional information that should be brought over.
    1. Point DenverBridge.com to New Site directory (be careful - you may disable access to it !!)
  10. Admin Tasks
    1. Activate alternate Regional page, DenverRegional.org - Correct .httpaccess files?  Directory within wordpress, direct link from menu. cleanup unused files in Regional directory.
    2. Review backup scheme - consider of existing Account Backup, cPanel backup, WebDisk, FTP, others.
    3. Review other capabilities of htaccess.  Do we want password protected directories?
    4. Site cpanel: Is it possible to create new super users?
    5. Frame links deprecated.  Change all external links to "_blank", review rel="noopener noreferrer" attributes - probable noopener on all links, probable noreferrer on all links other than ACBL, but THINK IT THROUGH.  Other rel attributes?
  11. Review Hidden Pages:
    1. Work off, cleanup, activate or delete if possible pages or sets of pages the list.
  12. Tournament Pages:
    1. Work to center, better label the maps.
  13. Unit Directory:
    1. Provision BBO screen name support (a new form for adding it + a new column in exceptions.csv and in the display?)
    2. review grammar on 1st page
    3. Improve formatting (one example: block Life Master icon list could be displayed better).
    4. Selection of tab shouldn't jump in page, rather it should just change the list.
  14. Reorganize images in /DenverBridge.com Files to Resolve/images).
    1. The images include sets of widgets, buttons, pointers, headers, etc. from the old site.  MOST can be deleted, though some might be saved for potential future use.
    2. Reorganize Board Member pictures - move to new directory - change table pointers to new location.
    3. The images contain pictures of tournament winners. Remove cropped versions and duplicates. Retain the largest copy (it has the most information) of a given image.
    4. There may be duplicate images in alternate directories as well.
    5. Rename directories and dated images. In lists, names like 2014May show up after 2014July. Any folder or file name with a with a date be renamed starting with YYYY-MM or YYYY-MM-DD.
  15. Document Election information
  16. Add identifier to phones (name, cell) on Clubs and Teachers pages
  17. Tournament Results:
    1. Old site had candid camera link associated with 2014 - need to provision on new site.
    2. should we link all pictures next to results?
    3. Consider adding alternate result displays.  Tournament Results summary should be available for ALL tournaments.  ACBL Live results may be available to some of the BridgeResults Tournaments.
  18. Research Media Library:
    1. Uses a YYYY/MM directory system (under /uploads/2017-2020).  Pictures in some cases seem to be automatically resized and saved by the system (over time this creates extra junk).  Is there a way to control this?
    2. The name implies "all media".  Does this imply a better way to store documents (i.e. reorganizing BoardMinutes, BoardProcedures, pictures)?
  19. Members: need to add content should say what a member is, how to become one, how COOL it is to be a unit member.  Shouldn't have the links.
    1. Move voter information elsewhere
  20. How To:  review.  make initial list small, by adding add show/hide links.
  21. ACBL Structure: review for accuracy - do we need the "Western Conference"? make a note to review again when we convert to Regions
    1. From Margaret: The ACBL Structure write-up needs updating. The D17 board has changed composition, and I'm not sure what's going on with the Western Conference these days. Also, the Scorecard vs. the Forum -- this is out of date.
  22. Other Links: review for format.  review/search to add, subtract links. reorganize i.e. "Online Play Sites" may be an appropriate grouping. and WTF did BridgeGuys do.  Maybe we should get a piece of that action?
    1. Two links to Chris' site - one to the overall (so we can look up players in units around the country), and one Denver Unit specific.
  23. Awards and trophies:  Review for content accuracy, beautification.  Add further descriptions? - who is Lou Neff, who are Kinningham and Woodward, who is Susan Dittmer?  Sheryl says she's on this !!
  24. to-do-list: replace with Board-editable list of prioritized tasks?
  25. Create a DenverBridge logo?  Improve Browser Icon?  Add ACBL logo to Home page or all pages?
  26. CSS/general formatting changes
    1. Review pages for highlighting, bold blocks, consistent headers and blocking, etc.
    2. Combine CSS contained within pages, scripts, and "Appearance/Customize/Additional CSS" into a well documented file.
  27. Review Entire Site
    1. CSS/general formatting changes
    2. Review pages for highlighting, bold blocks, consistent headers and blocking, etc.
    3. Education: No changes for now.  Revisit on full review.
    4. Bylaws: No changes for now.  Revisit on full review.

Pages available from links, but not the menu.

  1. Online directory information

Pages on old site not provisioned in new site

  1. Site map
  2. Site statistics

Pages provisioned but not active, current or being used

  1. to-do-list
  2. hidden-pages