Do NOT add a new page for each new Regional.

The District 17 website links directly to our page, and we end up breaking their link if each new Regional has a new name (page alias).

Instead, Shortly after the completion of the Regional:

  • Add a link to the old flier, and any appropriate notes to the past-tournaments page (if this has not already been done).
  • Change the dates on the page, in the Title and on the Menu Text to reflect those of the next Regional (when they are known).
  • Modify the "Click here for flier" to "Flier Not Yet Available"

When an approved flier becomes available and has been uploaded:

  • Modify the "Flier Not Yet Available" back to  "Click here for flier", and attach the link.
  • You should take this opportunty to review the format of the Regional page and content to consider things not available on the flier like:
    • Special hotel rates and link
    • Alternate lodging
    • Restaurant guide and coupons
    • Transportation

Tournaments Menu

The Tournaments Menu should list dates for at least the next four Sectionals and the next two IN tournaments.

  • You should consider editing this to add the new tournament (one year out) while a tournament is going on.
  • Do not remove a tournament from the list until after it is completed, and the results have been posted to the ACBL.  It is OK to have that last tournament played available on the list for a short period after the tournament is over.