Lots of volunteers needed. If you have some time and want to support the tournament, contact one of the volunteer coordinators:

Transportation and Parking

Below is the information you need. Or you can click here for a PDF for easy printing.

Transportation from Denver International Airport

Taxi:       Flat rate of approximately $55, one way.

Bus:       Route AF, $11 one way. Goes to Denver Union Station, from which you can walk to the Free Mall Ride shuttle bus which has a stop at the host hotel (Sheraton).

Public transportation to/from downtown Denver


The light rail station at the 16th Street Mall is 2-3 blocks from the host hotel (Sheraton).

Parking in downtown Denver

Garage parking is available at some light rail stations. There are parking charges for those that don’t live in Metro Denver.

Parking at the garage at the host hotel (Sheraton) will be the most expensive in downtown Denver, even after a 10% discount. The following sites give you the parking rates in downtown Denver.




The garage at Denver Pavilions shopping center is one of the most reasonable, and is just 2 blocks from the Sheraton.