Welcome to Denver Bridge

June 4, 2024

Upcoming tournaments
    • Unit 361 July Sectional (July 12–14, 2024)
    • Unit 361 July NLM (Non Life Master) Regional (July 12–14, 2024)

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IMPORTANT: Entry fees for both of these tournaments will be $14 per session. Entry fees for IN sectionals will remain at $13 per session.

Regional report

May 27 was the final day of the 2024 Rocky Mountain Regional. During the seven-day event:

    • 1213 tables in the regional proper
    • 64 tables in the GNT
    • 742 players earning masterpoints
Pro/Am game

The regional kicks off with the Pro/Am Pairs, and this year we had 36 tables, which means 72 Ams played with 72 Pros. Not our record, but definitely a good turnout.

Here are the winners:

1st Overall
Mushfiqur Mohan and Christopher Harrop
2nd Overall
Bob Martin and David Zapiler (not shown)
3rd Overall
Karin Vannett and Connie Marfell
Tied for 4th Overall
Jeanne Achziger and Richard Blumberg
Tied for 4th Overall
Greg Hinze and Ray Jenkins (not shown)
6th Overall
Dorothy Bechel and Sheryl Siegel
7th Overall
Julie Chapin and Bonnie Smith
8th Overall
Bari Holman and Allan Deserpa
Section R, 1st EW
Elaine Ackerman and Sarah Imig

Jan Janitschke Award

The Jan Janitschke Award for 2023 was given to Sally Kneser, who has taught bridge in Denver for many years, and has also volunteered for bridge in several capacities. This award commemorates Denver’s Grand Life Master Jan Janitschke.

Left to right:

  • Bonnie Smith, Jan’s wife and sponsor of the award
  • Sally Kneser
  • Julie Clark, president of Unit 361

The Sunday of the regional is traditionally Hawaiian Shirt Day, and here are a few of the celebrants:

February 21, 2024

Front Range Challenge

Planning has begun for the 2024 Front Range Challenge, to be hosted by Boulder – last year’s winner. The tentative date/location is Sunday, September 22, 2024, at the Elks Club in Boulder.

If you’re not aware of this event… Some time in the early 2000s, the Colorado Springs unit contacted the Denver unit and issued a unit-to-unit challenge. The format for several years was four brackets, four teams per unit per bracket. A few years ago the event was expanded to include the Boulder unit and the Northern Colorado unit, four brackets, two teams per unit per bracket. There’s a traveling trophy which hopefully we’ll be able to see again in Denver later this year 🙂


Sam’s Game
Email ‘phishing’
Kibitzing regulations – a synopsis

If you need to review the regulations regarding kibitzing during a bridge game, there’s a quick look available here, with pointers to the complete ACBL regulations.