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September 21, 2023

Board candidates for the 2024–2025 term

The following people are candidates for the Unit 361 board for the 2024–2025 term:

    • Nancy Alvarado
    • Don Boyarsky
    • Jay Silberberg
    • Kevin Stansbury
    • Ed Yosses

Click here to read more about them.

Also, anyone who would like to run for the board is invited to do so. Check the bylaws for details on adding your name to the slate.

Wanna be a director?

Unit 361 encourages any unit member to become a qualified tournament director – we always prefer to work with local directors if we can. To that end, for the remainder of 2023 and through 2024, Unit 361 is sponsoring a Director Initiative. The unit will reimburse your costs for director course materials and director tests, once the test is passed. Click here for more information.

Table Talk

There’s a new Table Talk. If you didn’t get it in your email: a) Make sure that the ACBL has your correct email and that your privacy settings are the way you want them; b) Click here to read it online, and read previous issues if you like.

Next board meeting

The date and location of the next board meeting are not yet decided. If you want to attend, check with the unit president for details.

August 10, 2023

Directory news

The Unit 361 directory for 2023–2024 has been published. Copies were available at the July tournament, and are available at various bridge clubs. Be sure to pick one up.

August 5, 2023

Upcoming tournaments

October 7–8: Denver Intermediate/Novice Fall Sectional. The masterpoint limit has been changed to 499, so if you have fewer than 499 masterpoints, find your partner and sign up. Space is limited, so preregistration is recommended. Click here for the flyer, and click here to go to the registration form.

November 3–5: Denver Fall Sectional, AKA the election sectional. Candidates for the board for the next two-year term (2024–2025) will be announced soon, and the election will be held at the annual Unit 361 membership meeting, at 2:15 on Saturday (between sessions). Click here for the tournament flyer.

Also, the board continues to work on parking arrangements, so come back here to get the latest info when we have it.

June 15, 2023

Regional photos

It’s taken a while, but winner photos from the 2023 regional are now posted. Go to the Winners Gallery (denverbridge.org>Tournaments>Winners Gallery) and check them out.

Here are a few other photos from the regional (best viewed on a computer).

A good turnout – the ballroom was full

New Life Master

Jason Thede


Bronia Jenkins, the new head of the ACBL, and her friend Ellis Feigenbaum

Two of our directors – thank you!

New page honors past Denver bridge players

Remembering and honoring Denver bridge players from days gone by … click here to see the Wall of Fame.

Jan Janitschke award for 2022

The recipient of the Jan Janitschke award for 2022 is Sheryl Siegel, for her work in recruiting and teaching. The award was presented at the beginning of the Pro/Am game at the recent regional.

Left to right: Bonnie Smith (married to Jan and sponsor of the award), Sheryl Siegel, and Julie Clark, Unit 361 president


Congratulations, Sheryl!



May 31, 2023

Regional table count UPDATED

The final table count is not in, but today’s number is 1269 tables for the entire week. I’m not sure if that number includes the GNTs or not. Table count for last year’s regional was 1026.5. Bridge is coming back!

Regional winner photos

There will be photos of winners here in a couple of days, so come back later and have a look.

COVID-19 at the regional UPDATED

We have heard of several people testing positive for COVID-19 after the regional. Two of these people were involved in staffing the Hospitality and Partnership desks.

If anyone else has tested positive since the regional, please let us know. And take care of yourself.

April 17, 2023

Spring I/N tournament UPDATED WITH PHOTOS

The spring Intermediate/Novice tournament was held this past weekend, April 15 and 16. Turnout was outstanding: 84 tables! You can see the results here.

A couple of winners pictures:

Pam Barnsbach and Beth Vinton
1st overall Saturday morning
Marshall Brady and Bari Holman
1st Flight B Saturday afternoon

Thanks to Elly Larson, who rents her space to the unit for this tournament and provides support in many other ways.

March 20, 2023

Proof of vaccination no longer required at Unit 361 events

Big news! Proof of COVID vaccination is no longer required at any of the Unit 361 sectionals or regionals. No showing the vaccine card, no wristband, no nothing.

This change is in accordance with the updated ACBL policy, which allows units to make their own decisions. Please note that if the ACBL policy changes, Unit 361 will comply with the new policy. Also please note that other units may choose to continue requiring proof of vaccination.

We cannot change the flyers that are already in circulation, so please ignore the “Proof of vaccination required” line that you will see on them.

March 7, 2023

Sectional turnout

If you came out to play in the sectional last weekend, thank you! We’re happy to report that we were up 63.5 tables compared to March 2022. We also heard positive feedback about the playing site. We know that parking is somewhat difficult, and we will continue to work on that.

January 2, 2023

Sectional schedule clarification

On Saturday, pairs who want to play one session or two single sessions can do so. They will be folded into the regular two-session pair event.

What is this Region business anyway?

If you’ve been following the ACBL at the national administration level, you have noticed a new structure: the region. Regions were created to address the size of the national board. Up until just this last year, there were twenty-five national board members. This was thought to be an unwieldy number for decision-making, and also fairly expensive. Accordingly, several of the districts were grouped into regions, and the regions now elect the national board members. By 2024, the national board will be reduced to thirteen members.

As it happens, District 17 is a large region, geographically speaking, and for the time being, Region 10 includes all of District 17 and no other districts or units. Cindy Shoemaker, who was the D17 representative to the national board, has become the Region 10 representative.

However, districts still exist, with all their previous structures and responsibilities. Districts are legal entities, have bank accounts, and so on. You can visit the D17 website, talk to your local representative to the D17 board – D17 hasn’t gone anywhere.

Our district representative, Jennifer O’Neill, has provided a more detailed explanation of this change, and you can read it here.

Older (but still relevant) news

Pre-purchase, pre-registration

As of January 2023, you can pre-purchase entries online at the ACBL website for all Unit 361 open sectionals and regionals.

To get started, go to https://tournaments.acbl.org/ and click on the banner at the top of the screen (it says CLICK HERE TO SEE AVAILABLE TOURNAMENTS).

For details and a step-by-step procedure, click here.

Sam’s Game

The Sam Stoxen Memorial Mentor/Mentee Team Game can be run at any club in Unit 361, with support available from the unit. Email the unit president for more information.

Email ‘phishing’

You may have received an email from ACBL reporting a ‘phishing’ scam that was sent to some members’ emails.  Additionally, you may have received an email from one of the Unit 361 board members asking you to purchase something on the board member’s behalf.

Please know that Unit 361 Board Members will NEVER use their position to solicit money or charitable contributions, or send an email asking you to spend money on their behalf.

When receiving questionable emails, please check the sender’s address as a clue to its real source. Please contact us if you have questions about any solicitation message you receive from a Board Member.