GNT winners

GNT Flight A, 1st Place
Kyle Rockoff, Doug Couchman, Ron Vickery, Jared Boulds
GNT Flight A, 2nd Place
Robert Murphy, Kathleen Kelly, Sheryl Siegel, Rob Vetter
GNT Flight B, 1st Place
Beth McGregor, Karie Willyerd, Robyn Leming, Diane Adams
GNT Flight B, 2nd Place
Kym Zwonitzer, Vickie Thomas, Clara Bunning, Dave Zwonitzer
GNT Flight C, 1st Place
Bob Wagstaff, Mark Bishop, Sally Donaldson, Howard Donaldson
GNT Flight C, 2nd Place
Jonathan Dings, Celeste Landry, Bonnie Gallagher, Eizabeth Cole

Event winners

Alas, we don’t have photos of all event winners, but here’s what we managed to capture. (Note: If you win an event in the 2023 regional, please track down our photographer and we promise to put your picture up here.)

Wayne Eckerling, Barbara Yosses
2nd in Tuesday afternoon side game
Denise Klein, Kathy Carson, Tom Barrett, EllaMargaret Cron
Winners, Wednesday Bracketed Teams, Bracket 3
Gregg Silveira, Julie Clark, Susan Marshall, Rick Gardner
Winners, Thursday/Friday Knockout, Bracket 3
Judy Wyss, Jim Wyss, Deb Kirkendall, Murlene Williams
Winners, Thursday/Friday Knockout, Bracket 6
Bill Multack, Mitch Hayne, Burt Solomon, Mike Finnin
Winners, Thursday/Friday Knockout, Bracket 5
Sally Ann Rhea, Daphne Davenport
Forest Clark Memorial Charity Pairs
Don Boyarsky, Susan Grauer, Alice Kinningham, Dan Marthaler (front)
Saturday/Sunday Knockouts, Bracket 2
Paul Perkowski, Ed Yosses, Joe Pieper, Scott Needham
Winners, Thursday/Friday Knockout, Bracket 2
John Mohan, Alan De Serpa
Sunday Open Paiars
Roger Miller, Patty Miller, Shirley Scott, Fred Herring
Sunday Bracketed Teams, Bracket 2
Steve Lehman, Nancy Rainwater, Susan Wheeler, Steve Wheeler
Sunday Bracketed Teams, Bracket 3

Moving on up

Again, we don’t have pictures of everybody who moved up a rank. Sorry 🙁

Mary Ann Rose
Bronze Life Master
Debe Nelson
Life Master
Debra Kirkendall
Bronze Life Master
Murlene Williams
Bronze Life Master
Eric Mead
Ruby Life Master
Helen Trop-Zell
Life Master