Bridge is a great game for kibitzers as well as players. However, the ACBL has created regulations for kibitzing to ensure that kibitzers do not in any way affect the game.

Full details of these regulations are on the ACBL website:

Here are some relevant excerpts, slightly edited/condensed:

  1. A spectator* may not look at the hand of more than one player unless allowed by regulation.
  2. A spectator must not show any reaction to the bidding or play when a deal is in progress.
  3. During a round, a spectator must refrain from mannerisms or remarks of any kind and must have no conversation with a player.
  4. A spectator must not disturb a player.
  5. A spectator at the table shall not draw attention to any aspect of the game.
  6. Within the playing area*, a spectator may speak as to fact or law only when requested to do so by the Director.
  7. Regulating Authorities and Tournament Organizers may specify how to deal with irregularities caused by spectators.

* A spectator is defined as any person in the playing area other than a player or a tournament official. The Director may designate specific individuals (e.g., maintenance personnel, hotel personnel, hospitality personnel) as other than spectators.

* The playing area is defined as any place where a player might be expected to be during a session. This includes restrooms, hallways, refreshment stations, and so on.

If you, as a player, have any concerns related to kibitzers or spectators, please bring them to the attention of a tournament official or the tournament director.