These procedures apply to the January 2022 sectional tournament, and may apply to later tournaments:

  • As per CDC guidelines, masks are required, worn correctly (covering the nose and mouth). Masks will be available at the site.
  • Proof of vaccination is required. If you played at the November sectional, you are already on the list, and all you have to do is check in and pick up a wristband. If you did not play, you can email a photo or scan ahead of time to, or you can show your vaccination card on the spot.  
  • We will have a couple of tables set up at the door, and we’ll manage the vaccination lists there. Everybody who has shown proof of vaccination will receive a wristband. You can wear it every day, in which case you won’t have to go through the proof process again, or get a new wristband by repeating the proof process.