The Denver Unit #361 (Unit) Board of Directors (Board) will determine an educational budget annually. 

These funds should be used for educational purposes and/or for the promotion of bridge in the Denver area.  The money can only be allocated to Unit members.  This does not preclude members from other units from participation, but non-Unit members’ costs will not generally be covered.

Those wanting access to these funds should submit an application (click here), to be approved by the Board.

  • The proposed subsidy must be time limited.
  • Goals must be provided.  The Board will evaluate the progress towards the stated goals and the venture’s viability every eight weeks, or at a pre-determined time.  A determination of whether or not to continue to fund the endeavor will be made at the time of evaluation, either at eight weeks or at another specified time.
  • The funds will be available to any Denver Unit 361 sanctioned club or unit member, after the application has been approved by the Unit 361 Board of Directors.
  • The funds should not be allocated for any normal business expenses.  Qualified costs should be limited to expenses dedicated to ventures where the applicant is not receiving compensation for the event.  Profit making endeavors should be excluded from receiving any of this fund.  This does not mean the entity cannot be a for profit business, but the venture itself cannot be profit making.