Denver Unit 361 is pleased to extend the 2021 Mentor program through 2024. Under this program, a newer player (Mentee) will have the opportunity to pair up with a more experienced player (Mentor) for up to eight club games. The program is a chance for Mentees to gain bridge knowledge and confidence, and a venue for Mentors to share their love of the game and be a part of the growth of bridge in our Unit.

This program is part of our Unit’s Education mission and is supported with Unit funds. For further information, contact [email protected].


  • All Mentors and Mentees must be members of ACBL Denver Unit 361.
  • Mentees must have fewer than 500 masterpoints.
  • Mentors will typically have more than 1000 masterpoints, although exceptions may be made to this requirement.

This program specifically excludes:

  • Professional pairings (i.e., teachers being paid by students for lessons – we will not pay the teacher’s table fees)
  • Regular or established partnerships (people who have been playing together before the mentor program)
  • Relatives (spouses, parent-child, siblings, etc.)

Partnerships may agree to play these games on whatever schedule works for them. Pairs may play at any participating club, and in any game where both players are eligible. We ask the parties to spend some time after games for informal discussions. 

The Mentee pays regular card fees. The Mentor informs the director that this is a Mentor/Mentee game, and the Unit will pay the Mentor’s entry fee.

If you are a newer player wanting an introduction to Open games or wanting to try Team games, this is a good way to get your feet wet.

When a Mentorship is formed, the Mentor and Mentee should take some time to discuss the Mentee’s convention card, goals, and expectations. Some possible goals, depending on the Mentee’s current level of experience, might include:

  • to feel more comfortable playing in open games
  • to better understand alert procedures
  • to better understand director rulings
  • to explore basic conventions
  • to practice duplicate strategies

It is hoped that Mentors will guide their Mentees in identifying areas in which they need more help and direct them to appropriate resources (private or group lessons, bridge books, ACBL materials, online information about conventions, etc.). This mentoring help should be provided after the game when the pair spends some time discussing a few hands and any problems that came up at the table.

The Mentor and Mentee can make their own arrangements to continue the partnership outside the Mentor program if they wish; however, there will be no further Unit subsidy.

Mentees are limited to eight Mentor games in a calendar year. You can play with one mentor or several.

Mentors may have an unlimited number of Mentees under this program.

Prospective Mentees are encouraged to find a Mentor you feel would be a good, compatible fit. Here are a few ways:

  • Directly arrange a partnership with a qualified Mentor.
  • Ask a person to mentor you. This person will need to register as a Mentor.
  • Contact the Mentor Program Coordinator.
  • Ask a Club Owner or Director. Some are aware of qualified Mentors in their clubs and can help arrange a partnership for you.

Previous Mentors will tell you how rewarding it is to guide a newer player’s bridge growth. Give it a try:

If you’ve arranged a Mentorship directly or through a Club Owner/Director, one player must email the Program Coordinator at [email protected] to register the partnership. Include the names of Mentor and Mentee and contact information (phone and email). Your registration confirms that both players understand the program guidelines. As partnerships may play in multiple venues, players are responsible for tracking number of games played. The Mentee agrees not to exceed the eight-game-per-year limit.

If you would like the Program Coordinator to match you with a Mentor or Mentee, send an email to with the following information: name, number of masterpoints, clubs where you wish to play, phone, and email.  When a match is made, the partnership will register as above.

Our Unit wants the Mentor Program to be a great experience for everyone. We all know that in bridge, as in the rest of life, not all relationships work out. If compatibility is an issue, either Mentor or Mentee can dissolve the partnership. Please notify the Program Coordinator. We’ll cancel your registration and try to find you a better fit.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the Program Coordinator at [email protected].