Per-session cost for active ACBL/ABA members

Unit 361 will honor American Bridge Association memberships at ACBL rates:

  • $13 – IN (Intermediate/Novice or 499er) sectionals
  • $13 – Open sectionals. Will be $14 starting with July 2024.
  • $14 – Denver Unit 361/ACBL District 17 co-sponsored LIMITED (IN) regionals
  • $16 – Denver Unit 361/ACBL District 17 co-sponsored regionals 
  • $9 or less – ACBL youth and juniors (Unit 361 will honor the lower of the Unit’s $9 fee, or any session fee set by District 17 of the ACBL or by the National ACBL organization for all sponsored or hosted events)
  • $0 – Players with 0–5 masterpoints

Inactive members

  • Inactive or lapsed members are charged an additional $4 per session by the ACBL.

Non–ACBL members

Those who are not ACBL/ABA members must become members in order to play in a tournament. You can purchase one of the regular memberships. Alternatively, a 120-day guest membership is available at no charge.

Click here to see your membership options.

And, if you don’t get this handled before the tournament, the director should be able to give you the necessary form to fill out.