Denver Unit 361 Board Members

Denver Unit 361 is the ACBL organization responsible for managing tournaments in the Denver metro area. The Unit also works to assist area clubs and educators to promote the game of contract bridge.

Denver Unit Board members are elected to 2 year terms at the annual meeting in November. Their term of service starts (and if leaving the board, ends) at the conclusion of the December Board meeting.

Rick Gardner

Rick was elected to the Board in 2015. He serves the Denver Unit Board as President.

He has previously held the positions of Treasurer and Directory Chair.

Term expires 2021
Julie Clark
Vice President
Regional Chair

Julie was elected to the Board in 2018. She currently serves as the Unit Vice President and Regional Chair.

She has previously served as Unit Secretary and Caddie Chair.

Term expires 2022
Carol Gumpert
Communication Chair

Carol was elected to the Board in 2019. She is the Unit Secretary and the Communication Chair.

Term expires 2021
Ed Yosses

Ed was appointed to the Board in 2018 and elected in 2019. He is the Unit Treasurer.

He has held positions on the District 17 Board and on other ACBL Unit Boards.

Term expires 2021
Kathleen Kelly
Sectional Chair

Kathleen was elected to the Board in 2020. She currently serves as Sectional Chair, supplies coordinator and schedules our tournaments with the ACBL.

Term expires 2022
Rita Simas
Hospitality Chair

Rita was appointed to the Board in 2019 and elected in 2020. She serves as the Hospitality Chair.

Term expires 2022
Donna Givner
Membership Chair
Education Chair

Donna was appointed to the Board in 2019. She serves as Membership Chair and Education Chairs.

Term expires 2021
Tom Barrett

Tom was elected to the Board in 2020. He currently serves as Partnership Chair.

Term expires 2022
Tom Purl
Caddy Chair

Tom was elected to the Board in 2020.

He has held various positions including Unit President for other ACBL Unit boards, has coordinated partnerships for National events, has directed at the club, Sectional, and Regional level and has had 20 years of participation in the ACBL Board of Governors.

Term expires 2022
Margaret Devere

Margaret was appointed to the board in 2021 to fill a vacancy. She is a former board member, having served previously as Webmaster, Directory Chair, Publicity Chair, Vice President, and President.

Term expires 2021
Penny Coffman
Legal Advisor
* Non-Voting Member

Penny serves as the Unit's legal advisor in a non-voting capacity.

She is a Unit Past-President, and has served the Unit in a variety of other roles.

(No term)

District 17 Representative

District 17 is the ACBL organization overseeing the area including Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, eastern Wyoming, southern Nevada, and El Paso. They are responsible for coordinating Regional tournaments with the local Units and for supporting Units and Clubs.

District 17 Board members serve 3 year terms. Denver Unit Board Members elect a Denver representative to the District.

Jennifer O'Neil
Denver District 17 Representative
District 17 Treasurer

Jennifer is the Denver representative to District 17. She holds the position of Treasurer on the District 17 Board.

She has also been involved with coordination of the Pro/Am event held at the Denver Rocky Mountain Regional.

Term expires 2021

Board of Governors

The ACBL Board of Governors oversees rules and regulations for tournaments. The Denver Unit has one representative to the District 17 Board of Governors.

Jim Calhoun
Denver District 17 Representative

Jim is the Denver Board of Governors representative to District 17. He is a past Denver Unit 361 Board member.