In 2020, Changes to the Recorder functions (for ethics and rules issues) were mandated by District 17 have required a review and rewrite of the Unit's bylaws.

In the process of the review the following changes were made:

  1. Discipline – the District mandate has indicated that Units are no longer directly managing the Recording and Disciplinary functions.  A large portion of the former Article X was removed in favor of language which effectively says: “The Unit will help where we can and where we’re allowed.  We will do our best to protect the interests of all involved parties.”
  2. Formatting – everything is now a Roman numbered article, an Alpha section, a numeric subsection, and lower alpha example.  Minor changes were made to language and to accurately reference other sections.
  3. Voting – the last-minute-from-the-floor nomination has been removed.  Nominees must now submit their (cosigned) names 14 days before the election, and the Secretary of the Unit may be required to produce a communication/ballot 10 days before the election.  Should a ballot election be called for, last-minute candidates can avail themselves of a ballot write-in line.

The 2020 changes were approved by Unit Members during the 2020 November election (verified 12/1/2020).

Click on the the links below to retrieve old and current copies of the bylaws in the desired format.