The ACBL requires that all players maintain an even tempo in the bidding and the card play, and place their bids and cards on the table in a consistent manner, and that their partners take no notice of any deviations or inconsistent behavior. If you perceive an issue in this area at one of the Denver sectionals, you can discuss it with the Tournament Director, the Unit Recorder, or the Unit Conduct and Ethics Chair. You may also discuss it with the President of the Unit Board or the President of the District Board. (Click herefor links to these individuals.)

Additionally, the ACBL has created the following two options, which are available to you for any incident at any of the Denver sectionals:

  • FORMAL COMPLAINT: A written complaint about another person’s behavior or ethics, with the intent of charges being made and heard by a disciplinary body of the ACBL. This complaint may be made to a “charging party,” who is the President of the Unit Board, the Unit Recorder, or the President of the District Board. You should feel free to discuss the issue with any of these people before you put it in writing. After an investigation, if the charging party believes there is cause to go forward, the complaint will be referred to the Unit 361 Ethics committee for hearing.
  • INFORMAL COMPLAINT: A written report of an incident, given to the Unit Recorder. You should feel free to discuss the incident with the Recorder before you put the complaint in writing. The Recorder assesses whether or not the issue, either on its own or in conjunction with any existing reports filed (and recorded), should form the basis for a complaint and charge. If not, the Recorder places it in an administrative file “to be recorded.” The Recorder copies the ACBL National Headquarters on any report that is being recorded. As a matter of courtesy, he/she will also send copies to the District Recorder.

When the Recorder receives such a report, he/she evaluates by investigation whether or not to take the case to a hearing. This involves talking to witnesses and to the alleged offender. If the decision is to proceed, the Recorder makes a written complaint to the Unit Ethics committee and becomes the charging party responsible for prosecuting the complaint by presenting witnesses and testimony. The Ethics committee then holds a hearing to determine the merit of the complaint and whether or not there is an appropriate sanction or remedy.

Please keep in mind that you may talk with any of these officials, or any tournament director, at any time about conduct that is suspicious or makes you uncomfortable.