How to register on the ACBL site

Your masterpoints over time are maintained by the American Contract Bridge League – their website is

On that website, near the top there is a button for MyACBL.  Pressing this the first time allows you to create a login using your seven digit ACBL number.

MyACBL displays your profile including your current ACBL mastepoints and rank.  It also provides numerous functions.  On the left side there are options allowing you to change your profile and privacy settings (It is suggested that you initially review these for accuracy, then re-review them on occasion).

The left menu also has a selection My Results.  Pressing this allows you to review your personal results in sanctioned ACBL games from tournaments, at clubs and online.  Keep in mind that while tournament postings are fairly current (within a day or two of the event), many clubs post several events once at the end of the month.

For seeding purposes in most stratified events, you should report “Total Points” – not “Total (including Pending)”.  The ACBL does an update early each month to incorporate pending points.

Most directors and tournament seedings are fairly forgiving if you are within a few points either way of what you report, but be careful – my partner and I once picked up a pair in a team game who reported 3400 points when they actually had 4300.  We were, of course, disqualified from the event.

How to manage your privacy

The ACBL allows you to control how they use of your street address, phone number, and email address.

  • To read about their privacy policy, log onto MyACBL then select Privacy Policy under the left side menu Membership menu item.
  • To set your privacy settings, log onto the MyACBL website, and select Privacy Settings under the Membership menu.

Privacy and the printed Unit Membership Directory

The Denver Unit publishes a membership directory on alternating years. It is a confidential directory distributed to members of Denver Unit 361. It is compiled for the use and convenience of the membership and may not be sold or utilized for commercial purposes.

  • If you are currently a member of Unit 361
    You can choose to have your name, address, and/or phone number omitted from the next Unit 361 directory. To do this, contact the board member who is responsible for publicity and request to have your information omitted.
  • If you are a new member of the ACBL, or new to Unit 361
    To have your name listed in the next directory, you must provide permission. You will receive a permission letter in your membership packet. Fill the letter out and return it to the Membership Chair. If you do not want to be listed, no action is necessary.

Privacy and the online Unit Membership Directory

The Denver Unit maintains an online Membership Directory.  The entries are created from a member list provided by the ACBL, and based on members' privacy settings there.  If, in your privacy settings, you have blocked your email, you will be unable to use the directory.  If you have blocked your phone number, it will not appear.  For additional information, check here.

How to register on BridgeResults

(Note, the Denver Unit no longer uses BridgeResults for tournament results.)

BridgeResults allows users to save a list of favorite clubs, to get a personalized calendar of bridge games, to upload a photo, to update personal information, to receive email notifications, and more.  Registration on BridgeResults is free.

Some tournaments and clubs post information on BridgeResults which provides enhanced statistics on events.

To register:

  1. Visit using your computer or smart phone.
  2. Click on the ‘Login’ button on the right side of the screen.
  3. Follow the directions for first-time users toward the bottom of the next screen.  Be sure to click on register when done.