Unit 361 Tournament Flier History

This page allows for historical reference to past tournament fliers and associated documents for content comparison. Unless otherwise noted, the Annual Unit Meeting to hold elections and to conduct other business occurred during the November Fall Sectional.

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Tournament flyers were published for the March sectional, the April 299er, and the Regional even though the Unit held no face-to-face events during the year after January. The November election was held primarily online supplemented with US mail for members with no recorded/non-working email addresses. The Pro/Am tournament was held online in May.




The January sectional was held at Arapahoe County Fairgrounds because of a scheduling conflict. Sectionals returned to Jefferson County Fairgrounds in March and subsequently.

Sectional entry fees were increased to $12/session in conjunction with the March tournament. Regional entries were increased to $13/session.


Sectional entry fees were raised to $11/session starting in January, and 299er entry fees were increased to $10/session in September. The March Sectional marked the last Thursday night Swiss team event.


The rate for Regional entry fees was increased to $12. Denver held the Fall NABC and a recruitment/information page was created which can be viewed here.


In 2014, a web page was created to describe the Front Range Challenge. It can be viewed here.



In 2012, Regional entry fees were $11, Sectional entries were $10, and 299er entries cost $8.