This is a placeholder to group a large number of non-facing pages.  Non-facing refers to pages not easily accessible to the average user through links or menu selections (you have to know the full address of the page).  These pages were copied from the old website and have not been fully reviewed for usability.

  • Many of these pages will be updated to work in WordPress, and enabled (through links and/or menu selections) more publicly on the site.
  • Some of these pages will be faced in a different form.
  • Some of these pages will be retained as historical reference documentation.
  • A few of these pages will be deleted as no longer useful or as replaced by better functionality.

The resolution of these pages, taken with the list of items in the To Do List (the second link in this list) represents the work that has been identified to complete on the site.

Primary Page List

The list is arranged by current usefulness, and by perceived importance of resolution.

  • To Do List
    This is a VERY LONG list of activities that the site developers are working on or aware of.

Pages to Implement/Resolve